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High Speed DSL

DSL Service Features
You've surfed the Internet but never like this! Our DSL High Speed Internet access delivers the speed and high bandwidth necessary for enjoying the Information Superhighway.

  • DSL High Speed is Lightning Fast
    Download at speeds of up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Web pages will flash up instantly, and large e-mail files will download in seconds or minutes – instead of hours.
  • "Always On" Internet Connection
    No more dialing in, busy signals or disconnects --- you are always connected!
  • Surf the 'Net and talk on the phone at the same time!
    With High-Speed, you don't need an additional phone line for Internet access. High-Speed utilizes an advanced technology that enables your computer and your telephone to operate simultaneously on your existing telephone line!
  • Access to the Latest Technologies
    Many of today's sophisticated Internet applications, including interactive games, live videoconferencing, interactive learning platforms and multi-location data convergence, would be impossible without a high-speed connection.
  • Networking Capabilities.
    High-Speed modems typically can be attached to a network hub, allowing multiple users to access the Internet simultaneously via a single access account.
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Conveniently Billed Right on Your Phone Bill – No Extra Bills!
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DSL Pricing
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DSL Available Markets

DSL is currently available in over 14 areas. Primary markets include:

  • Butler
  • Geneva
  • Lizella
  • Box Springs
Computer Picture
  • Reynolds
  • Roberta
  • Talbotton
  • Culloden

Due to distance requirements, each customer will need to be pre-qualified to verify DSL service availability and to ensure optimum performance levels. To initiate a pre-qualification check and order DSL service, call: 1-888-593-7782 or (478) 847-4111 and ask for a customer service representative.

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Activation Fees And Modem Charges

Activation fees cover connecting the line from your home or residence to our equipment within our Central Office --- not a visit to the customer premises.  It is customer’s responsibility to pickup DSL equipment, and to connect equipment within their home or business.  Customers must make arrangements to pickup equipment during PSTEL.Net business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 12:00 noon and 1:00 - 5:00 pm.  Any visit to the customers home or business may result in additional charges unless Professional Installation or Maintenance Contracts are purchased by the customer.

DSL Per Line Activation Fee:  $100
This charge only covers your network connection. Must be paid for up front, along with modem kit, before service will be activated. For a limited time, activation fees can be waived with a 12-month commitment.

Additional DSL Charges: (Optional)
Professional Installation Charge:
$29.95 one-time charge

For those customers which would like a PSTEL.Net DSL technician to deliver the modem and connect it to their computer.  PSTEL.Net technician cannot perform any other tasks than connecting the modem to the computer.  Technician is not responsible for any computer related issues or problems.

Inside Wiring Charge:

$50.00 per computer jack, plus materials. Plus, additional monthly maintenance charge for new jacks installed - if customer subscribes to monthly maintenance plan.

Inside wiring charge covers the cost of a Public Service technician, if required, to run the DSL phone wire to a new location (Jack) not already established.

In-Line Filters:* $ 5.50 plus tax
Wall-Mount Filters:* $ 8.00 plus tax
*These additional filters are suggested for "live" phones in your home or business on the same loop, beyond the number provided in your self install kit (see modem kits below).
Additional Splitters $4.57 plus tax
Wireless Router $65.00 plus tax
USB Wireless Adapter $65.00 plus tax
Ethernet to USB Converter $25.00 plus tax
Single Port Ethernet Modem $99.00
4-port Wireless Modem $136.00
Upgrade Single Port Ethernet Modem to Wireless (only available under contract) $45.00 plus tax

All modems are purchased directly from Public Service Telephone. Modem kits must be paid for up front, along with applicable activation fees, before DSL service will be activated. Charge for modems cannot be billed on your DSL account or phone bill. Modem kit prices are subject to change without notice. All modems are the sole responsibility of the customer and come with a 30-day warranty. However, Public Service Telephone does warranty the Free Single-Port Ethernet modem (only) as long as the customer is under contract. This does not include wireless modem customer chooses to purchase as an upgrade. Only Single-Port modems will be replaced after 30 days. In the event a wireless modem needs to be replaced while customer is under contract, customer must pay the additional $45 to acquire another upgraded modem/unit.

It is the customer responsibility, at customer’s expense, to obtain, maintain, and operate suitable and fully compatible computer equipment required to access PSTEL.Net services. PSTEL.Net reserves the right to determine what equipment and software (if any) which is included as part of any and all of its contract agreements and/or service plans, and is subject to change at the discretion of PSTEL.Net at any time.

Other charges may be incurred for the following reasons and are not covered by Public Service Telephone or PSTEL.NET DSL technicians:

  • Computer programs or any upgrade necessary to become DSL compliant.  
  • Hardwired devices located in your home or business, such as alarm and/or medical services.

NOTE: Business installations requiring special and/or extensive connections, wiring, modems and other specific requests will be quoted separately.

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Activation Process
Initially, Public Service Telephone (PSTC) will have to determine whether your telephone line can support DSL. PSTC does not guarantee DSL service to all Public Service Telephone customers. DSL service functions best within a 3 miles radius of each Central Office, and PSTC does not guarantee DSL service or speed outside this distance. Each customer will have to be evaluated case-by-case, before service can be offered.
  • Request For Service
    Order DSL service, by calling 1-855-593-FAST (3278) or (478) 847-4111.
  • DSL Line Certification
    A Public Service Telephone technician will determine whether your telephone line can support DSL, which speed options can be offered based on your distance to the Central Office closest to you, and that it will function properly.
  • Installation Estimate
    Based on your home or business environment, and your requested connection, Public Service Telephone will estimate any additional costs necessary to fulfill special requests. Charges for special requests will be in addition to the initial activation fee which only covers your basic network connection.
    (see Additional DSL Charges).
  • Compatibility Check
    Your computer equipment must be compatible and DSL compliant before proceeding. If your telephone line can support DSL, you must perform a system requirement check and obtain the necessary programs and equipment necessary to run DSL. This is the sole responsibility of the customer. (see Minimum DSL System Requirements).

  • Modem Equipment
    You will need to purchase the modem(s) necessary to connect your computer to the DSL line established at your home or business. These modem(s) come in a kit and are self installed. Each kits will contain easy to follow instructions that will assist you in connecting your new DSL service. Everything arrives in one box. This kit will include the following:

    1. Self-Install guide: Simple 1-2-3 instructions
    2. DSL modem: Ethernet card is still required for Ethernet Modems and not included in kit.
    3. Power cord and cables
    4. 2 in-line DSL filters
    5. 1 splitter (would be used at the actual DSL connection point)
    6. 1 wall mount filter (if needed)

Ready To Roll
Once the install is complete, you will have DSL access to the Internet all day, every day. Just leave your DSL modem and PC turned on, and every time you click on your Internet browser or send/receive an email message, DSL will be there for you. It's that easy!
NOTE: Business installations requiring special connections, wiring, modems and other specific requests will be quoted separately.

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System Requirements
A personal computer with the following
  • 100 MHz (or faster) Pentium (or equivalent) based processor
  • Windows 2000 or Higher (Must use Ethernet
    modem) Macintosh or Linux will work, but with limited support.
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 5 - 35MB of free disk space (at least 5 MB)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Original Media (CD, diskettes, or CAB files) used to install Windows (The materials update drivers during the installation process).
  • 10 BASE-T Network Interface Card (Ethernet NIC) 
  • NOTE: You will need to have an Ethernet Card installed on your computer before your Self Install Ethernet Modem kit.

    • Check your warranty: If your computer is under warranty, you may need a technician authorized by your computer manufacturer to install the card for you.
    • The store where you purchased your computer will be able to help you find what is compatible with your PC. They may offer installation service there, as well as, any other assistance you may need not covered by Public Service Telephone or PSTEL.net. The end user can also install the Ethernet card themselves.

System Requirements
  • What is my operating system?
  • Do I have enough RAM?
  • Do I have enough free disk space?
  • Do I have an installed Ethernet Card (to use the Ethernet Modem)?
  • Where is my Telephone BOX (NID)?
  • In which room do I want my DSL line installed?
  • Is there already a telephone jack at or near the location I want my DSL?

How To Find System Requirements

The best way to find the answers to the System Requirements is to check the documentation which came with your computer. If you do not have that documentation, here are a few tips to finding the information.

  • Viewing Windows Operating System information, RAM, and free disk space:
    1. From the Windows Desktop, right-click on the My Computer icon, select the Control Panel File and then System File.
    2. Your Operating System will generally be listed at the top of this screen on the tab labeled "General". Also shown on this screen will be your RAM.
    3. The "Performance" tab will give you the amount of free disk space remaining.
    4. Make a note of which version of Windows is installed. You will need this information
  • Viewing information for hardware devices:
    1. From the Windows Desktop, right-click on the My Computer icon, select the Control Panel File and then Network File. Look for a device with a description including LAN Card or Ethernet Card.

It is the customer responsibility, at customer’s expense, to obtain, maintain, and operate suitable and fully compatible computer equipment required to access PSTEL.Net services. PSTEL.Net reserves the right to determine what equipment and software (if any) which is included as part of any and all of its contract agreements and/or service plans, and is subject to change at the discretion of PSTEL.Net at any time.

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DSL vs. Cable
  • Security
    All cable modem users use a single coax line, creating a serious risk of wiretapping, easy access for hackers and firewall protection. With DSL, your line is exclusively dedicated to you.
  • Reliability
    Cable services are infamous for reliability problems. Anyone who has sat through a thunderstorm knows that cable is the first to go out. Cable outage can bring down modem service for an entire neighborhood. Telephone lines are much more dependable.
  • Stability
    Because cable modems are on shared bandwidth, the more subscribers who log on, the slower service will become. Again, with DSL your line is exclusively dedicated to you.
  • Home Wiring
    Most homes do not have their computers next to their cable outlets, however, they are near phone jacks. A cable subscriber may need expensive rewiring to get a connection between the cable and the PC. Most potential DSL subscribers are already using dial-up modems and their wiring is already set up.
  • Home Availability
    All homes and businesses are passed by the public service network, and the background network for DSL is already in place. Cable services do not reach all locations.

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